The Bewitching Pool…

We are extremely scared yet extremely excited. There is no one here. The lot is empty and silent. A large field separates us from the nearest village. We see a cobblestone road leading up to a French village. But to get there, we have to run across a large open space. We could be seen.

We decide to play it safe and stay by the fence, which leads us to a deep swimming pool, which we immediately recognize, from the TV show The Twilight Zone. The episode is called “The Bewitching Pool.” And now that same pool is right in front of us. It is at this moment that realize that much of what we see on our television sets, probably exists here. My first set just made the world a bit smaller…



I would later learn that this pool was built for Esther Williams. It was also used by Elvis Presley. This pool is located in the back corner of Lot #2. It is the closest set to my house.



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