MGM-Sargent Pepper Action Cards

I made my own action cards;

What fun the summer of 1977 was, like every other teenager, I am a proud owner of the smash hit album- Frampton Comes Alive. The Bee Gee’s are enjoying the same success as Peter Frampton. Saturday Night Fever is the top movie and soundtrack in America. Robert Stigwood, the producer, decides to have both-come together under a Beatles theme, and lucky me, they decide to film the exteriors at MGM lot 2. This build will take month’s to reconstruct the MGM backlot. Heartland U.S.A will lie in the center of my MGM backlot. Stages at the former Desilu lot on Ince Blvd will also be used…

My friend, Tim Gray is one of these soldiers marching in this action card that begins this film.He is a SAG member and frequent trespasser with me on these lots. He had, at the time, a prop from King Kong. He acquired it the year before this show, it was Kongs hand. A rubber foam huge hand. It was left behind after show finished. He used it as a couch at his house. I helped him get it over the fence. Quite a sight to see a monster size hand to get tossed over the fence. Ironically, it was where the original Hole in the Fence, first presented itself to me. Six years later, who would have thought I would I would exit here with Kongs hand…In this action card, I’m up in a second story window just to the right of the archway…I wanted the church, but it was occupied by German soldiers, I stepped into a movie like I’m a character…I take cover like Sargent Saunders would do. This street is where so many episodes of Combat were filmed.

I took this photo as the Lonely Hearts Club Band enters this liberating village. I am upstairs next to the arch, just out of view of the show camera angle. It’s the reverse angle, same moment as playing card.

This is another take- actors walking back to position one, this march was done about 6 times

Two German soldiers are going upstairs to man a machine gun in the Combat church, an effects technician is loading up a bandolier of 50 caliber rounds. Those hands in the ammo can above the soldiersThere is a lot going on in this simple picture-trust me,…I’m in the middle of a gun battle!

Here they are, those soldiers I ran into, just moments before this scene…I was looking for a place to hide when I became part of the movie, in the middle of World War One. This was my Combat moment I always dreamed of…

I was going up there to hide for my picture taking when we all crossed paths.

Right place-wrong time…

The smoke from the window is from that- just loaded machine gun, while the upstairs tower explodes. That’s how my visit began that fall afternoon. My Picture-above…

This is two special effects guys extinguishing fire after explosion.

As seen in the film…this was so fun!
I could hear this song playing at my house, that’s how close I live- so I showed up with my camera...
Nothing like the seventies for color, wardrobe and hair, long- beautiful hair.
Billy Preston, supported by a safety harness and dangling from a crane…The song is- Get Back.

I was back…hiding behind some bushes, for this shot…

Much more on Sgt Pepper and Kong in the not to distant future, in the meantime, enjoy a pack of my action cards. Included is some very stale gum, so stale, you can smoke it!…

Written and lived by Donnie Norden…

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