The Hole in the Fence

It’s a Saturday morning and my best friend, Jimmy and I, are riding our Stingray bicycles along the studio fence line. Suddenly… Low and behold… We notice a large eucalyptus tree has fallen and has made a huge hole in the fence. We stare through the hole, dumbfounded.

We see entire villages, city scapes, and even the Great Wall of China. But we have to muster the courage to climb over the tree, and through this newly created hole in the fence.


Future Book Covers (Original art work by Donnie)

What will happen to us if we climb through? What happens if we’re caught? We’re little kids…they can’t do anything to us! 

We stare through the hole for what feels like hours… trying to come up with reasons not to go through. Jimmy is more hesitant, but I say, “we’re kids, Jimmy! We can outrun them!”

The temptation of seeing these sets in a way we weren’t able to before, is too much for us to resist. The daunting NO TRESPASSING signs are no match for our budding curiosity. So,we climb over the fallen tree, and go right through the hole in the fence.

We suddenly find ourselves hiding behind aged tombstones in the middle of a huge cemetery. We’ve become explorers… or, as the studio would later refer to us, “trespassers.”

Written and lived by Donnie Norden