Runaway Train-Waltons Treehouse Pt.2

Fade in: March 6,1981- continued on from the Waltons Treehouse adventure…

Sitting at the counter at Bob’s Big Boy on Riverside Drive is like being in a studio commissary at certain times. A man with a Wolfman costume sits at the opposite end as if this is his set. Jimmy and I rehash our interlude at TBS earlier today with the Waltons crew, having never before been in a set that became “hot” while we were inside it.

We explored the Burbank Studios lot this morning and now it’s off to Universal for the second part of our afternoon. We take the car from Valley Heart Drive, the public street behind the Waltons house and we pull into the Universal Lot. It is so big that employees get shuttled by a yellow school bus that reminds us of the Partridge Family. Over an hour ago, we walked out of the TBS lot and waved “good by” to security like we will see you again Monday. Now, we are waving “Hello” to Universal security as the magic bus door slaps open, and a teamster tells us “pull the cord when you want off” … “will do sir”

The older we get, the easier this charade has become.

We decide to get off by stage 44 with the rest of the kids. Across the way is Colonial Street. Filming for BJ and the Bear is already in progress on this street that has the Munsters House and The Beaver House. Jimmy and I go inside the Munster house and go upstairs, we see a big rig with a chimp climbing around the cab. Greg Evigan is kissing a blonde girl good-by as he and the Bear climb inside the cab and say “Farewell”

This lot is even busier than the one we just left! We have just gone from Dukes of Hazzard, The Waltons, and Blade Runner at TBS to BJ and the Bear and some other show farther down the street.  Jimmy and I relax and finish the joint that we had to snuff out up in the Waltons’ treehouse. This joint, started up in a treehouse on the Waltons at TBS, and gets finished upstairs- in the Munster’s house. Welcome to my world!

As the smoke clears we appear and walk right out the front door of 1313 Mockingbird Lane. I correctly diagnosed something I was looking down at, Dan Pastorini is on this set. He plays Pro-Football, he is on the Raiders. He is the star I want to meet. I position myself alongside him, he is busy being the object of several women’s attention in between scenes. I just want to talk football, the Raiders are World Champs. He obliges me, I sit in a folding chair next to him. I’m acting like I belong here and am doing a real good job.

I get what I needed, including seeing the advance for Monday, on the call sheets. 7am, Santa Monica Pier. Count me in, I live right by there, see ya at breakfast.

A camera operator shares a story with me, it involves a moving truck shot and the camera is inside this truck POV looking out of the cab while driving. The camera is in the sleeper compartment behind “Stacks, BJ, and the Bear (BJ’s sidekick “the Bear” is actually a chimp named after University of Alabama football coach Bear Bryant.) The concern is this- the Bear is infatuated with the red air brake knob that would lock this truck up and send it into a jack-knife if it gets pulled. The entire time this scene is filmed, everyone was looking from the corner of their eye as they delivered their lines- ready to grab the chimp’s arm if he makes one wrong move towards the brakes.

The Bear would have loved the Waltons treehouse we were in earlier today. I’m sure the Waltons kids wouldn’t mind. This show is on the move to stage so we also move to another set, right down the street. Barbara Eden is being hosed down in front of a home by a green water hose, she’s dripping wet as we watch from the Beaver’s porch. Let’s all just pause and take a Barbara Eden moment…

That scene gets finished and we are in the mood to explore, so we walk the length of New York Street and end up at a castle that is better known as The Tower of London. From on top a castle turret, we watch all the activity on this lot and beyond. We can see the church steeple at The Burbank Studios, heck, we were just there. Below this castle is 6 points Texas, and the best gig on the Glamour Tram tour takes place right here-The Runaway Train.

Every couple minutes this train heads straight for the Pink and Whites with the conductor shouting ” I can’t stop!”

The train, having scared the Glamour Tram farther along, backs up by itself and hides next to the barn on this special set of tracks. It’s ready for the next unsuspecting tram.

O.K. we got this, the train parks, like train robbers we climb aboard, we duck behind the conductor, there are three of us up here now. Here we go, there’s a tram, ride em’ cowboy.

We pop our heads up as the train goes face to face with the tram. Pictures are shot from inside the tram as all this takes place by tourists and somewhere, in this world, Jimmy and I are in several. We do this several times, with each one we become bolder, we embellish the “can’t stop- part”

I always wanted to ride in a train engine, and today, we did that. We say, “Good by” to the gray-haired guy in blue coveralls with the three-word vocabulary “I can’t stop.” “We will see you again sir,” with that we walk to the next town.

The depot on Denver street doubles as a jail, inside anyway. Inside it, is a picture of Alias Smith and Jones. That’s a must have picture, The Hole in the Wall Gang meets The Hole in the Fence gang.

Jimmy and I got what this gang was searching for…Amnesty! It’s all Smith and Jones wanted, not to have to look over their shoulder at every turn. Well, the show got cancelled before the Governor came through. But the valley and its marvelous studios have provided Jimmy and I the amnesty those boys were searching for.

We’ve gone being shot at, hunted, and on every most wanted list at every studio gate in Culver City, to a simpler life. Unassuming, willing to work, can drive a train if need be. We got something special out here, we couldn’t get it in Culver City. We got… amnesty!

Written and lived by Donnie Norden…

Bob’s Big Boy on Riverside Drive- where we took intermission from TBS to Universal. I owe the waitress a little something still- 47 cents low on the bill. Taxes got me, came up a little short. She was understanding, we told her we would show her around studio some time.
Employees parked here in 1981. But in 1975, it was an Airport.
Several blizzard scenes were shot in this parking lot with wind machines blowing fake snowflakes. The company was chasing snow storms for an airport sequence, they gave up the chase and did it here, instead.
Then, most recently, it became a Superstore. But in 1981, it was where employees parked.
This is where you grab the magic school bus that drives from adventure to adventure, just pull the cord.

We pass the Red Sea, just outside my school bus window.
We arrive on set and quickly make our way upstairs inside 1313 Mockingbird Lane.We finish the joint we had to snuff out up in the Waltons’ treehouse. If this smoke could only talk, like in Alice in Wonderland. The things it saw in its short existence tucked away in my stretch socks…
This rig was parked across from the Munster’s house. Everyone is so friendly around here!
Today’s guest star, he is dressed on set in a hat that says- Stunt 1, a down jacket, jeans and boots. But normally, he wears… number 7. This is supposed to be a movie set and Dan’s a stuntman. Two crashed cars are parked at the end of the street from an earlier scene.

Stella was getting hosed down with a garden hose when we passed by this end of the street.

Who can resist a Runaway train- all aboard!
Get out of the way, I can’t stop!
Each time we did this, we laughed harder and harder. I would soon be in Glamour Tram driver seat, on the other end of this ridiculously fun thing to do! Today, I’m a train conductor!
Let’s back-up, and do it again! C’mon, this is funner than the Waltons’ treehouse.

Here it is now, old number 67- retired from operation. It sits just outside the only bathroom in these parts. It still looks as if could terrorize any tram passing by.
Props -across from the Red Gap depot.

This cell is inside the Red Gap train depot- I found an Alias Smith and Jones picture inside here.
The Runaway Train- what stories it can tell.

Let us do the driving!
At the station…
I can’t stop!
Ghost Train

Last train ever on these old tracks…

I was- the funnest ride here!

Red Gap, Last stop Willoughby
I found this picture that day back in 1981, in the Red Gap depot. Amnesty is all Smith and Jones ever wanted. The show was cancelled before the Governor ever fulfilled that promise. But Jimmy and I have been brokered Amnesty by these valley studios. No more getting chased, shot at, or being on-Most Wanted Posters in the guard shacks.
Amnesty– it feels good!

Written and lived by Donnie Norden…

Famous MGM Lot 2 Chases involving- The Lord Home

Might as well…JUMP

This album cover type photo was snapped by Danny Hancock as we recreated a chase that took place requiring us to- jump.

This upstairs window is the launch platform for my- Jump picture
This is the view from the front yard of this home. Beyond this stage is a designated dirt pile on old studio maps. The Time Machine sat parked right here by these steps in 1959
1976…This is the same front door Arthur Curtis exits in a hurry in the Twillight Zone episode –A World of Difference

This picture is the fence and parkinglot behind this isolated Hunting Lodge set.
6 years later, 1978 same corner, original green fence removed, chain link temporary fence replaces it.
The Phantom Cycle starts his demonstration for police behind today’s featured set.

As he takes his first turn, you can see the stairway going upstairs to the Lord Home just above his helmet. This set is just a half- building.
This utility road exists behind the set. MGM Greens Department created climbing obsticles with fake trees blocking the fence when we get chased here. This is a hub, over the years for scary chases.
I’ve ran down this road countless times the opposite way, being chased from New York street usually.
This road is directly in front of the home, which is out of view on lefthand side.

You can see Hunting Lodge through the trees from the Tarzan jungle. Lodge in front of me, lake behind me.
MGM security guard Al Black at the South Gate guard shack, we respect each other. He’s all business when you trespass, but also a fun guy to talk to when we’re just visiting. He is responsible for a scar on my hand. He tried yanking me off the top of the fence as I began my jump to freedom. My palm was ripped open by the sharp fence top. He’s good!

We begin;

Inside this home is another very basic and simple set. A stairway behind the structure takes you upstairs. There is no backing so you can be seen upstairs, it’s a nice place to visit. It lies in the outskirts of New York Street and Tarzan’s Lake. Nestled along side tall, beautiful pine trees. A couple wild walls provide some cover, you can step directly inside here from the backside. Doors only exist in the front for the illusion this is real. Curtains that haven’t completely fallen off still profide cover, if nothing else. The window we jumped from was where we would sit down and relax at under normal conditions. We picked places depending on; Our mood, our plans, and what is taking place on the lot at that moment. Often, our decisions are based off the work taking place here at MGM. Also a big factor is whose on duty in that Bronco.

Most my memories in this area were security issues, which were several terrifying moments I will never forget.

In 1972, my good friend Pat Rich, was shot at by a salt rock gun in front of this home. He branched off away from a group of us being chased thinking he would be safe away from the pack as we were all running to exit, at the closest fence we could climb. The Red Bronco was going wild, we were on the set of Soylent Green, and we all had some green in our possesion when the guard showed up under the theater marquee on 5th avenue. This story of the movie and chase will be in my new book- A Hole in the Fence.

Fast forward, 1975

Pat brings a couple friends visiting from Oregon over for a backlot tour. MGM was heavy duty with security due to a fire earlier in the week on a set just used in the movie Logan’s Run. The Girls School had just burned down, boys call it Boystown. Whatever you wish to call it, it- was a smoldering ruin. As we snuck up on it we see 5 MGM guards. My posse is also 5 guys, 2 of which don’t have a clue of where their actually at. They know it’s a studio is all.

As we peer from the Tarzan jungle, a branch snaps, a flock of birds take off creating a huge ruckus. That attracts security and the next thing you know as dusk sets in, officer Al Black comes flying in to our group and before we know it he’s on our tail and tackles one of Pat’s friends who has only been on the lot with us for ten minutes. He is apprehended as Danny and I take off running towards- then into, the Hunting Lodge.

We laugh are heads off replaying what just happened as we are on pure adrenaline. So much just happened, and we just got here. Well, wouldn’t you know, here comes a dark figure against a dark sky, it’s Al again. He handed over Pats friend to Culver City Police and is hot on our trail again. It’s the moment Butch says to Sundance-Who is this guy?- He’s really good!

We were too loud laughing, we were so pumped up. Al is like a Indian Chief who knows how to track his prey. We shut up when we see his torso outline, he walks in the door just below the window we’re up inside in. We see the top of his sweaty head. He knows we’re up here. We must wait until he gets as close as possible, all the way up the backstairs. As we see the whites of his eyes, it’s time to exit by jumping out that window. We figured, just like Butch Cassidy did in my favorite cowboy movie ever, that your not going make this jump unless you have to…we have too!

We play cat and mouse until we safely exit…

Fast Forward, 1976

King Kong is on the lot and the production company has hired bikers as security. MGM no longer secures the lot, Heathen’s do, on motorbikes. Like a modern episode of the Twillight zone episode Black Leather Jackets.

I’m by myself when I’m spotted just in front of this house. We stare at each other at 50 yards away. They’re planning and suddenly one takes the backroad behind the house while the other one is hauling ass my way. I’ve never been chased by a biker before, this is new. I hide just inside the front door as these bikes circle the Lord House with little Donnie tucked inside. I have no intention of staying here, I counter their moves. I need to get out of here. I need to make it to the designated dirt pile area across the way. They can’t chase me on there bikes in that area. I can see they don’t want me to get to the fence. I have to escape in the lot.

In between circling the home, I get my moment to take off and get to a no ride area. I can out run them on foot. They’re only chance is these bikes, my counter move works to perfection. I crawl through the weeds and hide under a building –The Courthouse on NY street. I’m like a big racoon they’re after, but this coon got away.

When Chips filmed their Phantom scenes here, in 1978, it reminded me of my Phantom real life escapades at this same.

All these stories will show up in a series of books to begin very soon. Also, Steven Bingen will have his latest book on MGM out shortly after mine as it stands now. His tremendous extrapolations on studio history our unparalleled and is must have studio literature. My books will be great companions, if you dare to actually step foot on these lots. Watch what you wish for…

Just – Be careful…As mom always says!

Written and lived by Donnie Norden…

One-eyed Jack

The arches across the way is our destination in today’s fun and games…

My pal Stanley and I love baseball and BB gun fights. He is an exceptional student preparing for an engineering major in electronics at nearby UCLA. He is fun to run with because he always wants to build things or reverse engineer to see how “it” was made. His brother John Ordon was my classmate at St. Augustine’s, Stan is a year younger. We live down the street from one another. John Ordon is the alias I use around the lot if I get caught by security. John replaces Don, and Ordon replaces Norden. John never trespasses so there is no way these names cross paths. If challenged by police, I can say my name and “you must have misunderstood, it’s Donnie- not Johnnie!”

Stanley and I can’t get enough BB gun fights inside the backlot. All my friends think this is the best thing to do on this lot. Normally, Combat Village is the set of choice, but, we just watched the Rat Patrol and a raid took place in Verona Square by the guys with the cool jeeps. We want to shoot it out where Romeo and Juliet once intermingled… and Christopher George cleansed it from Germans.

Alleyways and passages like these make for great realism- as do the cries of “ouch” as you get shot! Passages like this exist in almost every village.

We enter at the rail depot and instantly we are on set. Maureen is hanging out across the street and can easily see us and we wave back and forth. This is no village for a girl right now. Liberation is taking place, me vs Stanley, may the best man win. We start by going inside separate buildings, thereby no longer having the human target in sight. This is when soldiers become creative, exit the set that you’re thought to be in, and sneak around to surprise your hunter and make him- the hunted. We both invoke this policy. The door you run in is not always where you stay, you create an illusion then sneak up from behind.

Simple Rules…

To keep from being injured, there’s no targeting the other guy’s head. We have no protection, welts appear when you’re hit. If you’re hit in the arm, you’re wounded and can continue. Torso, you’re dead! …Simple

Generally, we get several battles or kills in-then go home no worse for wear with just a few battle scars.

The skirmish I’m in now takes us behind the sets in Mexican Village. We are ducking in and out doorways along the old street light storage area. They are kept behind these buildings. Maureen and her friends hear this as BB’s meant for me hit the metal fence instead. The girls she’s with on the other side realize we mean business, this is a hot set. You could get hurt. This is no place for girls today.

Stanley and I take turns chasing each other, trying to corner the pursued. This is a ground level battle, building to building. We only brought pistols today. These Crossman black pistols look real and fire both BB’s and pellets. But compared to our Daisy rifles, these lack punch. So we need to close ranks and get closer to the target “that being Stanley or me.

We know the girls are being entertained by the occasional tings and visuals of doorways providing cover. It’s like we are a TV set and the girls just watch, gab and brush their hair, trying to out-cool us…like they’ve seen this rerun before.

We find ourselves involuntarily staring at this group of pretty girls but once our feet hit the battleground, we fall into character. Their side of the studio fence blurs out. We’re real. This is war on this side of the fence. This battle is about to climax, I turn on the offensive and run and hide behind one of the ten columns that hold up this building. There are ten, evenly spread out in the front side of this ground level battlefield. Only our heads protrude from side to side, along with an arm holding a pistol. This is going to end bad, someone’s going to get it, we are closer than usual in this particular exchange. After each shot, you hear the immediate recocking of each pistol. You return fire when you hear a round fired, while your adversary has to recock.

The battle finishes using these columns for cover...
I lived this scene…

My head sees Stanley’s head, and the two of us exchange fire. I am hit, right in the left- eye, I’m blind! We have one rule, don’t shoot each other in the head! I throw this heavy little pistol in my hand at Stanley. I feel no eye in the socket where it’s supposed to be located in…Stan is silent and feels terrible. At this moment, I have just one working eye.

Out of my one good eye, things get worse. The Bronco is headed straight for us like a tornado. I’m leaving, exit stage right!

I ignore our group of female fans, they have no idea yet what’s taken place. I stop as my one working eye sees Stan atop the fence…

Next, a crash of metal onto concrete as Stanley tosses over both guns. I stop from running to grab them. I can’t believe he rescued my gun with Big George in mad pursuit. The next body is security guard George himself-on top of the fence, he can only watch our escape. The girls, seeing that our predicament at the moment is an MGM chase, begin cheering “Go Boys Go- Go Boys Go.” We realize George can’t make it over the fence top; we stop long enough to accept our cheers and watch his frustration. We bask for a brief moment, as if to take a bow toward our enthusiastic audience, we realize the police are probably going to be the next puzzle piece to arrive. No one here except Stanley realizes I can’t see and maybe don’t have a left eye.

So many places to hide and at night, it’s so scary fun…my playground!
A map of the village involved in this battle, Verona Square
The front side of Verona Square
This view is the backside of today’s battle and is taken from the wall the girls are rooting us on from…

Stan’s bravery in salvaging my gun will never be forgotten. He earned another stripe on his sleeve today and is very deserving of this cheerleading squad celebration as he touchdowned just out of George Barner’s grasp.

The brief run turns into a fast walk as we round the last corner toward my house. Stan is worried he blinded me, and for all I can tell…he did! My eye still won’t open as we enter my empty house. No one is home to cry to, and it’s just as well, since mom’s favorite last words are always …Donnie be careful!

Stanley’s face when he looks at my eye is no comfort. Masking the pain makes time pass slowly. Yet, within the next thirty minutes, magic happens, my eye fixes itself, although it is a bit swollen and I may get a shiner. No one needs to take me to the doctor and no one even needs to know what happened. Period. Just chalk up another fun day in our own personal Disneyland… with weapons !

24 hours later, I could see clearly again.

Written and lived by Donnie Norden…

The Waltons Treehouse

The Good Ole Days…

Rated- R; for marijuana use… By the time your day is done, you will have smoked out in many iconic film sets. Films are being made everywhere around me…Last but not least- this is a real life trespass. It’s through those red eyes we begin;

My diary-Fade in- March 6/1981…The Burbank Studios

My trespassing buddy Jimmy and I need a studio fix. The backlots in Culver City are all gone, so today we’re going mobile, where all the valley studios still stand. We exit the freeway on Barham Blvd and the selection process begins. We first pass Universal on this Friday work day morning. It’s very busy as we slow our volkswagen to a crawl. We decide to keep driving toward The Burbank Studios, whose stages can clearly be seen from the Universal employee parking lot.

We both fixate on our life back in 1975, when on New Years Day we drove around the lot in a Walton picture car. The former Warner Brothers lot is laid out wonderfully, the backlot completely separate from the stages up front.

Today we just want to re-explore this lot and check up on all the sets we have played on over here before. Nostalgia for Jim-Bob and Don-Boy. Ironically, the show The Waltons, is still on the air, this many years later.

We start our trespass from fences by the L.A. river on the studio’s south boundary. A big dog barks the entire time we climb this barb wire fence adjacent to a residential area just outside the studio fences. We’ve been had so to speak, but we finish a successful entrance while ignoring this four legged barking soul. We need to scoot and once inside, we run to the church set in the TBS small town set. This area is busy with set dressing going on.

We work our way around, deciding not to hide, but just act like we work here. Hide in plain site, now that we’re getting older and don’t look like we’re school ditching kids on the prowl anymore. Getting old is a good thing, when your under 21 and hang around adults. We stop inside the bank on Laramie Street, I look up to the roof and the hole that was created by my falling halfway through is fixed. You can no longer see the sky. We celebrate by lighting up one of three joints in my sock. I blow the smoke upwards , towards the roof. I stand where I would have landed had not my camera saved me.

As we head toward the Waltons House, we pass by a building that says Ike Godsey proprietor.. The Dukes of Hazzard are parked outside. Their car is anyway, the Duke boys are nowhere to be found. Just me, Jimmy, and General Lee, framed by Ike’s country store. Having driven a car here before, on the Waltons’ set, we can’t help but look inside this mean orange machine just to see if the keys are inside. Thankfully, they’re not, because driving this car would be the ultimate temptation for Donnie and Jimmy.

Next up, the pond. This small body of water is full today and it sits in a jungle in between Laramie Street and The Waltons House. Any TBS TV series in need of a pond films here. I snuck in here last year during the filming of Flamingo Road and stood next to Morgan Fairchild as Howard Duff pulled to shore in a Hydroplane. The big-fan boats used in the everglades. I appeared from the jungle as a scene was being filmed. This super loud engine is distracting and allows me to position myself with the pick of the litter, Ms. Fairchild herself. It’s then a mishap takes place, this boat flips, dunking Mr. Howard Duff head first into this pond. Although concerned, everyone is laughing their heads off. Especially Morgan!

Jimmy was with me then as we laugh at our previous escapade and as we finish off that first doobie. It’s cool that we are beginning to have a lot of adventures at our new hang outs in the San Fernando Valley, more pages for my diary, which has been on a diet since MGM was torn down.

As we stand in house built on the pond, workers on bikes come tearing through the jungle. All appear to have a post-buzz on from their lunch break, since the time is 12:30. Hot dogging in front of us, one guy crashes into the pond, completely submerged as every one else laughs.

Deja vu, last time I was here, Howard Duff ended up being fished out of here.

Next up in this Hollywood jungle is The Walton Home. Normally, this is where we get in at, but we couldn’t use this entrance this morning.

We climb up into the treehouse, armed with a doobie and a transistor radio. Elvin Bishop is singing “Fooled Around and Fell in Love” as we reach the top for the Walton family treehouse experience. We spark yet another joint as Steely Dan’s song Show Biz Kids comes across the FM dial on KMET.

Jimmy and I are fulfilling our craving for a backlot country club, TBS replaces MGM. TBS is very busy. We sit in a prebuilt professional fort. It’s on TV once a week! A stake bed truck slowly rolls under the jungle canopy and parks right in between the treehouse and the main house. Lighting equipment is getting unloaded. They’re doing a “company move” to this set is what Jimmy and I decipher peering from up above.

We cut the music and snuff out the joint, because we’re stuck up here. We watch as this set gets rigged, cables and boxes and lights get unloaded off the truck bed. We realize the longer we wait, the more chance we will have of being confronted. It would be embarrassing to run into John- Boy, up here. It’s his fort, he can have it. There was a time I had 5 forts between Desilu and MGM. Now we use other people’s, but today, we gladly hand over the keys. It’s for the Waltons to enjoy!

We just don’t want to be seen climbing down, once on the ground we’ll be ok. We pick a time and quickly exit through the chicken coops. We backtrack through the jungle, having avoided everyone and all involved on this series.

Next we filter over to New York Street, and sure enough, we are asked by two ladies what shows are going on here. This is interesting since we’re trespassers. Cordially we reply, “Dukes of Hazzard is over that way,” turning while pointing, “The Waltons is that way, and a big movie titled Blade Runner has its sets on New York Street, over there How’s that? You have a good day ladies!”

We’re getting hungry and we’re close to the main gate on Barham. Bob’s Big Boy is to the right and Universal is the the left. Jimmy and I agree to go to Bob’s first then double-back for more studio adventures at Universal.

It’s here we decide to- just walk out the front gate. Wave good-bye to TBS security, like you will see us again Monday. Walk out the gate like the free men we are. Screw climbing, keep it simple.

“Yes, two Big Boy combos and a couple ice cold Cokes.” We place our order sitting at the counter on the opposite side of the glass, from the oversized statue that welcomed us after our adventure at TBS.

In 1981, this lot was known as The Burbank Studios

An Aerial shot from the same time period of my uninvited visit

I fell through this rooftop back in 1975 when I took this picture, today we fire up our first doobie at the same spot. The roof has been fixed.
Laramie Street no longer stands here at Warner Brothers. This is the same angle of what was the old western streets…
This tire swings below a treehouse above-1975

The tree house and shed is just to the right hand side of this photo

This could just as well be Jim-Bob and Don-Boy, “I hope they’re not filming up here today, how do you want to escape?”
My tree house smells like Dope!
The General store – Ike Godsey proprietor.
General Lee– outside Ike Godsey’s Mercantile. It wants us to drive it! -the windows are even down.
Hazzard County, on a different day. Preparation for the Dukes of Hazzard was going on here when we arrived in town in March 1981.
We love churches, every studio has at least one. Desilu had far and away the best chuch ever. I’ll take you inside the old 40 Acres church in a future post, right up into the steeple.
After climbing in at the L.A. River, we took refuge inside the church as we gathered our bearings. A big dog kept barking at us as we climbed in someone’s yard bordering the studio.
This town was being prepped for Dukes of Hazzard
Small – Town, Warner Brothers, TBS in 1981

Its been lots more than just the Gilmore Girls

Gremlins also filmed snow scenes here, and at Universal’s courthouse square. It was summer and about 115 degrees out. Actors had to wear jackets and act cold.
115 degrees, one of the warmest days of the entire summer-I was at Universal for this show, this is an example of backlot locations at two studios working directly for the same cause and appearance-1984 Courthouse Square Universal. Same appearance exists at Warner Brothers, small town square, at this same time.
This is the pond, empty.

Empty pond… Before/after

The Pond-As hot set… potted plants and an electric patch box indicate ready to go here…
This pond is about four feet deep…
The cast of Flamingo Road TV series
I’m standing in the pond basin, I’d be up to my waist in water normally.
This lodge is located at the pond. A work crew tore through here on bicycles and one guy crashed into the fully filled pond. There was a different cabin here in 1981, we were inside when we saw workers horsing around.
The pipe that fills this lagoon…
It’s here where star trailers would park, at the jungle entrance. The Walton House was very close. The red light in this picture is on when filming takes place in the jungle. You are not to proceed until it stops spinning.
We were asked here by “ladies” who were looking around “what is filming ?” as we walked through this set. Which is interesting- since we’re trespassers! Just the regulars- The Waltons and Dukes of Hazzard” we politely oblige to any and all questions. “Blade Runner has the street over there”…
Gotham City in Batman TV series, in a few episodes not filmed at Desilu. The Caped Crusaders dashed down these same steps…
We’re getting hungry and Bob’s Big Boy is close by on Hollywood Way.

At the end of this street is the main gate, hang a left you’re at Universal, hang a right your at Bob’s Big Boy.

Blade Runner would spend 14 nights at this intersection at this same time in history

Call sheet for Blade Runner
TBS New York Street Exterior shot page…I was on New York Street when this scene was filmed, so surreal. The street atmosphere and the neon signs flashing against dark surroundings and rain. Spinners, air ships, would take off lifted by huge cranes as liquid nitrogen created plume lift off effect. Ostriches walked the sidewalk. Sadly, this description in this movie script could easily be any intersection in Hollywood!
“Ninety nights” of night shooting is what Harrison Ford signed on for. Vampire hours when we visited this set on the TBS backlot. Dinners at midnight on New York Street. An hour to wander the backlot in the middle of the night. One night I took a tray of food from catering and sat and ate it there instead of table chair area. Just like a raccoon would…

Fade in – page 1 script Blade Runner
Fade out – last page Blade Runner
Set watch, keeping visitors away from filming, but not me, He is explaining how difficult this job is, I just want his keys. His radio would be cool too…“Hey we’re over here, nope you’re going the wrong way, hurry I see trespassers”… Run !
Who were those guys- they were really nice… Pleasure meeting you too.”

Written and lived by Donnie Norden…

The Original-Universal Beaver House vs The Modern

Beaver TV show fans, the original home is still standing but it’s hidden away, deep in the bowels of the historic Universal backlot. Trams no longer drive past the original one, it’s the closest set to the 101 Hollywood freeway.

The original house has journeyed around this studio lot at three separate locations in its long but not always star-studded history.

It’s a storage shed now on the inside and the fact it’s stuck so far back in this backlot has actually saved its existence. When it becomes in the way of something the studio decides to do going forward, it will be demolished. The old place does not have any more moves left, it sits like an old car on blocks, a shell of its historic self.

The new Leave it to Beaver house was built on the footprint of the original, let’s go over and see the replacement Beaver House built specifically for the feature film Leave it to Beaver.

Original location by what is now- Amblin Entertainment…
Sad yet, it’s still here. Its third address, as it climbs higher and farther away on this studio property. Someday it may vanish into Heaven. Most likely its next stop.
The picture is crooked, but so is the house!
Kids on movie sets get a school room trailer with a teacher- since filming interferes with school. I would have attended class more often had I had a school room parked on the backlot.
Storage and raccoon housing…
Beethoven’s dog house is now the closest neighbor…
Upstairs view of open front door… 4 feet of wood flooring greets you as you enter, then, you may fall into a ditch. That entrance- once inside- is dirt.
The upstairs that used to look out on its neighbors house-which would be 1313 Mockingbird Lane and that wacky Munster Family who own that fine looking motor coach...
The complete upstairs…

The tram tour is factual sometimes and yes, when you drive down Colonial Street you will see a really clean, modern replacement. Guides often do not differentiate between the past and present and you may exit your tour thinking you saw Jerry Mathers’ and Tony Dow’s house. But, you didn’t.

What you saw is this replacement-

The imposter…
The current Beaver House on Colonial Street
The Beaver walkway, the Munsters house down the street is the original with alterations done to film inside. Desperate Housewives continued the trend of what was done at the Beaver House, all these houses had interiors built inside for realism, shots out windows can take place inside as actors sit on furniture. Less- costly company moves back and forth from stages to Wisteria Lane
I was at the meeting where producer Robert Simonds made the decision the original Beaver House was too small inside for his vision of how this movie will be made. This film started what would become the new norm on this street. All houses would be filmable inside and out, and remain locked when not in use.
Let’s go inside…
Furniture existed inside each home during Desperate Housewives’ 8 year run.

Behind this house was where the craft service truck owned and operated by Brandon would park for the entirety of Desperate Housewives, it was an oasis of riches. Brandon is best crafty in the industry and a genuine cool person. No one went hungry on this set between Brandon and Marco’s catering. No eating in this house was the rule…
A much nicer stairway takes you to a second level that has carpeting…
Leave it to Beaver lasted 6 years on the air, both on CBS, then ABC. 234 episodes were shot in those seven years…Desperate Housewives filmed 180 episodes in eight seasons. Contracts reduced the amount of episodes a season would last, that’s why our favorite old TV shows have so many episodes. Nowadays, streaming a season is about 10 episodes.
My-how times have changed…

Now you know more than maybe you wanted to…

Written and lived by Donnie Norden…

Mayberry R.F.D. visit…

One of my backlot forts, upstairs- left window. It was framed with a back wall, most likely for an upstairs scene looking out. It gave us seclusion from the road behind this structure. The Mayberry Dirt Highway lies behind this home. Picture taken by me in 1974Culver City

In its Original location just north of the Gone With The Wind Train Depot. This house was relocated next to the Train Depot in 1963 to make way for “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, Jerusalem sets. If this set wasn’t connected to a TV series that was still in use, they would have just torn it down. It was needed, yet in the way of something that was bigger, budget wise anyway.

Built for the Television Show Guestward, Ho! Here is the original Mayberry R.F.D. house in 1960. Original location before being moved to a deserted spot close by.

In the T.V. Series Kentucky Jones with added front chimney (1964)

Batman cruised through here, as did Lassie, and Marlo Thomas, in a chicken costume,.- 1966-69 Batman also filmed a couple episodes at the Warner Brothers backlot. Laundry room missing…Extra chimney to change appearance

Here is the house post-1963 in its new location and slightly remodeled

Mayberry R.F.D. switched lots and this house was built at Warners also. It became most famous for the family that moved in with all those kids...But, this Desilu location saw tons of kids, right here, this was the official backlot party house. Just good clean fun!

I played catch here too…batter up!1968 Opening CreditsCulver City…C’mon Sam, Mike can do it!Throw him a hard one-burn it in Sam!

Another scene from Mayberry R.F.D., the window on the upstairs left is my fort that lasted for years. Simple boxes left over from Hogan’s Heroes were what we sat on. Some said- Wine. Some said- Explosives. We hung posters on the back wall that framed in our private room. We even had a nice carpet we installed.

Last generation of Mayberry citizenship…
I’d like to pluck herEvery actor had a fancy costume on this Desilu lot in the 60’s.This episode of That Girl is titled –Nobody Here But Us Chickens-10/9/69. They were careful how they photographed this, since this house was tied to R.F.D. at the same time.
I hope Batman doesn’t see me in this outfit”... Mayberry R.F.D. would see Arlene Golonka and even guest stars Farrah Fawcett and Teri Garr, more groovy “chicks” who may have crossed this road. Beautiful comedi-hens.
This duplicate house is at Warner Brothers and was better known as the Waltons. Located in what is called the jungle, from a 1956 film called Santiago, starring Alan Ladd. This is where this house was constructed and was then known as Doonevan Flats. In November of 1991, this house burned down at Warner Brothers.
Warner Brothers recreation…for Mayberry R.F.D.
I’ve been to these houses several times, but never did laundry, that’s kids for ya!
Interesting that article is from Orlando, 3000 miles away. Is there no Burbank Sentinel?

John Boy-Have you been smoking again?-I just missed crashing an old picture car into the porch right where the family has been rudely awakened. It slid, then stalled, just short of the steps. We left it right there, said good night in fine Walton tradition, and exited just behind the chicken coop.
Mayberry R.F.D. was part of this rural purge being referred to…

Lassie horsed around this old horse set..Desilu.
Desilu and Lassie TV series…
This lot is more ranch than studio in many ways…
Someday, I want to ride a big horse like you Dad!
My front porch when visiting this set, an artificial hillside separates this set from Stalag 13
This is a hilltop just above this farm house. Notice the empty water pond with the bridge below, and a path to the front door of this set. Gomer Pyle had a picnic there with Larry Storch and Ms. Bunny, Sgt. Carter’s girl.

This neighborhood has a lot of history. The fence is hiding the residential neighborhood behind this North end of the old RKO lot. Normal homes with normal goings on, just behind that wall.
This was the site of the Atlanta Depot, Gone With the Wind... A pond with two bridges was put in. I have seen it used in Gomer Pyle and Lassie. It was full of water then. I had access to the sprinklers and water spigots so we attempted to fill this pond back up. The studio found our project and sealed this water pipe feed before it was full, then drained it. Otherwise, we would have had our own pool.
This classic photo shows the Atlanta Rail Depot at the West End of this street that would become Mayberry a decade later. Where Scarlett is making her way would soon after become the church from Miracle of the Bells.

My picture, almost exact angle as above.

The white house top left of picture is someone’s home on Higuera street. The homes around the studio had views like this. The Mayberry R.F.D. house and a grass berm would later change this vantage point. The R.F.D. house would be a short distance from the white house in this photo.

I was able to obtain this door from Gone With The Wind. It was part of the dressing room used by Scarlett O’Hara for make-up. Outside view. She would enter with a simple twist of this handle.

Inside door view, This entire door was mirrored on the inside. The door mirror was exactly the same shape as the front facial mirror. This door mirror would catch her backside.

Notice round front mirror matches door.The scene pictured with the Black and White photo had its make up done in here. Much more on this at a later date.
Subsidiaries of Perfect Film and Chemical Corp- 1973- Culver Studios

Let’s take a tour around here... Located in the hub of the RKO/Desilu backlot, there stood an ordinary house which over time hosted its share of occupants. First, there was Andy and Opie, then Sam and Mike, then the Waltons and lastly me. I was the last tenant of this house. What good times were had – for years. We never worried about guards here, only the German Shepherds that patrolled the lot in the very early 70s. Rounding up trespassers in this wild west ranch was impossible. This was the easiest of all the lots in Culver City to access. There is not even a fence along the La Ballona Creek.

We had 4 forts going in this place at our peak. They were located in Andy Griffith’s house, the Spanish Cantina, The Ranch house from Mayberry R.F.D., where we took over Opie’s, then Mike’s upstairs bedroom and the Saloon.   

The Saloon would become our make-shift casting office. We even had a working rolling phone and used it to call random numbers from all over the country, letting them know we were famous producers calling from Desilu Studios in California. We would often order pizza from our favorite local spot and have it delivered right to the lot!  The phone bill probably red flagged the old rotary phone so our Saloon/office fort was discovered and boarded up. Other than the saloon, these forts stayed active for years. I have those stories in my upcoming book.

The Mayberry R.F.D. farm house was located dead center of this lot. You could walk in the front screen door, or just walk up a flight of stairs behind it. The smell of licorice plants is intoxicating as they sprout behind this façade. Follow a wood stairway upwards takes you to a tiny bedroom set, fit for “four” teenagers. But, the roof could hold another 4 to 6 on a busy night hanging out. It served as an outside the window floor you could sit on and be part of this room.

We would usually have music and party as the moon climbed above the Baldwin Hills and gave us all the light we needed. If this ranch house could talk, what a story it could tell. We were confronted by security out front once-but he was drunk as a skunk. So we let him go, we stayed, what’s he going to do, call the cops? This was during the filming of The Fortune

The view out the upstairs windows looks toward the old train depot, the area beneath where we would sit overlooks the scene of civil war soldiers in a triage medical situation in Gone With the Wind. At night, it’s easy to imagine the soldiers lying all around below us. It’s spooky. Behind that, a railroad ridge for Hogan’s Heroes, then finally a big mountain that frames every show ever done here. If you film this backlot, it’s hard for this hilltop not to show up. It’s the elephant in the room, if ever there was one. It’s part of the Baldwin Hills.

Ironically, the Waltons upstairs view also sees a big, similarly shaped mountain which is the backside of the Hollywood sign, in Burbank.

On one trip to the Waltons set at TBS, “The Burbank Studios” we were lucky to find a slightly beaten-up coupe with the key in the ignition. I was 14 and didn’t have a license yet, but when opportunity knocks… Besides my dad let me practice in the driveway a couple times. My first time driving a stick! After getting the hang of shifting gears, I drive my buddies to John Boy’s home. I have the idea to park the car and say good night to this most highly rated television family, but, I’m moving a bit too fast. This iconic house is quickly becoming centered between… the headlights and the hood ornament. And I can’t slow it down! Just at the moment of truth, the car decides to turn itself off like it wants us to leave! Miraculously, we are successfully parallel parked blocking the front patio stairs.

The Waltons made money before, so let’s try our luck again. Another house was built for special grown up Waltons episodes on the Warner Ranch. John Boy gets married was one, who would have guessed that? I will end this piece at what they now call the Gilmore Girls house. They built in the wrong community, the Warner Ranch will soon succumb to bulldozers and be the next backlot Same Old Song and Dance tragedy.

Written and lived by Donnie Norden…

MGM-Sargent Pepper Action Cards

I made my own action cards;

What fun the summer of 1977 was, like every other teenager, I am a proud owner of the smash hit album- Frampton Comes Alive. The Bee Gee’s are enjoying the same success as Peter Frampton. Saturday Night Fever is the top movie and soundtrack in America. Robert Stigwood, the producer, decides to have both-come together under a Beatles theme, and lucky me, they decide to film the exteriors at MGM lot 2. This build will take month’s to reconstruct the MGM backlot. Heartland U.S.A will lie in the center of my MGM backlot. Stages at the former Desilu lot on Ince Blvd will also be used…

My friend, Tim Gray is one of these soldiers marching in this action card that begins this film.He is a SAG member and frequent trespasser with me on these lots. He had, at the time, a prop from King Kong. He acquired it the year before this show, it was Kongs hand. A rubber foam huge hand. It was left behind after show finished. He used it as a couch at his house. I helped him get it over the fence. Quite a sight to see a monster size hand to get tossed over the fence. Ironically, it was where the original Hole in the Fence, first presented itself to me. Six years later, who would have thought I would I would exit here with Kongs hand…In this action card, I’m up in a second story window just to the right of the archway…I wanted the church, but it was occupied by German soldiers, I stepped into a movie like I’m a character…I take cover like Sargent Saunders would do. This street is where so many episodes of Combat were filmed.

I took this photo as the Lonely Hearts Club Band enters this liberating village. I am upstairs next to the arch, just out of view of the show camera angle. It’s the reverse angle, same moment as playing card.

This is another take- actors walking back to position one, this march was done about 6 times

Two German soldiers are going upstairs to man a machine gun in the Combat church, an effects technician is loading up a bandolier of 50 caliber rounds. Those hands in the ammo can above the soldiersThere is a lot going on in this simple picture-trust me,…I’m in the middle of a gun battle!

Here they are, those soldiers I ran into, just moments before this scene…I was looking for a place to hide when I became part of the movie, in the middle of World War One. This was my Combat moment I always dreamed of…

I was going up there to hide for my picture taking when we all crossed paths.

Right place-wrong time…

The smoke from the window is from that- just loaded machine gun, while the upstairs tower explodes. That’s how my visit began that fall afternoon. My Picture-above…

This is two special effects guys extinguishing fire after explosion.

As seen in the film…this was so fun!
I could hear this song playing at my house, that’s how close I live- so I showed up with my camera...
Nothing like the seventies for color, wardrobe and hair, long- beautiful hair.
Billy Preston, supported by a safety harness and dangling from a crane…The song is- Get Back.

I was back…hiding behind some bushes, for this shot…

Much more on Sgt Pepper and Kong in the not to distant future, in the meantime, enjoy a pack of my action cards. Included is some very stale gum, so stale, you can smoke it!…

Written and lived by Donnie Norden…

Batman Crush

Two-episodes a week, it’s that good!
Donnie 1966, June 13
Batman’s biggest fan 1966-As I blow out six candles on my Birthday cake, notice my T-shirt, I never took it off. The front is Batman. His wings are spread and his name is transposed inside the cape. My best friend Jimmy sits next to me. My mom serves a cake she baked, iced with Bat Frosting, it’s a Batcake…yummy, let’s eat!!

Probably unable to make my party due to filming a feature, here is Batman at work in the MGM Lot 3 water tank. Batman at its peak was needed on the big screen, as were The Munsters. Fans of these series may not realize their heroes broke out beyond their TV screens. You could enjoy them in theaters unlike anything you ever saw. Bat gadgetry hits another level.
Those clouds won’t move, they’re painted on the iconic backdrop at MGM lot 3. This same tank kicked off its film history with Ben-Hur 1924. Scenic artists are who control the sky backings and weather opticals.
This is a sequence that was partially done on location in Santa Barbara. Full scale effects easily take place here, easier than the ocean, anyway…this is the famous MGM watertank/backdrop.

Santa Barbara Pier...
What you don’t see in the movie, this angle...

Now showing at the Culver Theater…

The Culver Theater- who hasn’t spent a birthday inside here?…
A big screen in a little city…
Ohh Good- My guests are arriving…
The Best Theater Ever!
The place I watched so many MGM films, especially in the sixties…
Refreshments anyone?
Notice the hanging brass lights…women’s powder room.
These are those…original to theater. These were located in the ladies restroom. My theater souvenirs.

Batman- Big Screen, fancy lights…

This big screen version of my hero was must see stuff. My life changed when my Bat cape and mask arrived in the mail. I sucessfully saved 10 zillion Blue Chip Stamps to earn this item. It fit like a glove, I looked cool. I wanted to wear it to school, but the nuns were the only ones allowed in a costume like that!

Next, I put playing cards with clothespins into my bicycle spokes to sound like a souped-up Batmobile bicycle. Then I raced around Desilu in costume looking for my role model. I was always disappointed with Pow! and Zap! during his fight scenes, thinking it ruins his credibility. He was real to me…really cool!

I saw him drive by in the Batmobile with Robin while looking through the chain link fence on Higuera, so I knew then, this is real stuff. His car kicked up a dirt cloud as it sped by, real Bat dust, from a real Batmobile.

I saw Batman and Robin speed by me on the Mayberry Dirt Highway while looking through the chain link fence.
I saw this group in front of the Desilu Plantation while sitting in the backseat of my dad’s station wagon. Our entire family was in the car and dad slowed to a crawl to watch all the characters banding about. 20 seconds- I’ll never forget, it was quite the sight…
Backlot Desilu, this was easily seen from the public street of Higuera.

Yes, my first crush was with this purple, black and gray adorned crime fighter. I even had him in front of Julie Newmar, barely, and Marlo Thomas. Everything I loved was located on Ince Blvd. There was a Sergeant at MGM that I fancied named Saunders. It depends on whether I want WW2 or just clean up my city. I circled these backlots in my costume, daily. The seed was germinating inside me, so sneaking in was a matter of- not if, but when…

Later in life, I worked on the three Bat features, I was the only guy on set that saw the original Batman in living, real life color.

I never got to see this feline, but I did see Eartha Kitt and a car that looked like a cat.
Amazon recently tore down this stage Batman is fighting-crime on…The old Desilu lot with the plantation just behind him. Those three red chimneys are the Desilu headqaurters plantation building. That will stay as the moniker for this lot. Maybe the new roof will get the old MGM Lion put up in lights- I would, I’ll tell you that.I can’t wait for this merger to take on a face. I could give them some stories of their past. Thanks for coming to my 6th birthday party
Musical chairs...

Written and lived by Donnie Norden…

Truth or Dare

A day in the life of Maureen;

I spend many a summer day with my cousin Robin. We go to the beach at least once a week on the bus straight down Washington or Culver or Venice. All roads lead to the beach for 25 cents each way.

We mostly “lay out”. Most days aren’t even sunny. We don’t care. We lay out anyway. It’s mostly about napping and yapping. Sometimes we don’t even go in the water. Especially since “Jaws” came out this year.

Occasionally, Robin’s neighbor invites us over to swim in their pool. Super nice! We have a game we play. We go underwater, then pop out with our eyes open and smiling perfectly like Esther Williams does in the movies. This is next to impossible and makes for lots of fun laughing at each other’s attempts. How does she do that?

Another game we play is Truth or Dare. Truth you have to tell the truth to the most embarrassing questions ever. Dare you have to go through with a dare the other conspires.

Today she rides her bike to my house thinking we’ll both catch our bus from here. But I don’t have bus money. She’s ready for the beach but it may well turn into a TV game show day. Ug!  Match Game doesn’t come on until later. We pour root beer in slushee making mugs and pop them in the freezer. There is no place to lay out at my apartment so we play Truth or Dare.

“Truth or Dare?” She asks. “Truth.” “If a boy asked you would you?…” “Only David Cassidy” I answer.

Her turn. “Truth or Dare?” “Dare” she says.  Heh heh heh. I smile an evil smile. She laughs a nervous laugh. “I dare you to sneak into MGM with me and lay out at Esther Williams’ swimming pool.” “OK!” she answers all too quickly. “Wait,” I tell her, “there’s no water in it and the guard on patrol may shoot us with salt rocks.” “OK” she repeats.

In Bathing suits, t-shirts, cut-offs and tennis shoes, toting towels and Coppertone, I introduce Robin to the barb wire ladder. I hope they will become good friends. The only stumbling block being, that Robin is umm… a clutz. “It’s more about nerves than agility” I lie to her. I surmise that if she was getting chased and full of adrenaline, she’d climb the hell out of that sucker. Let’s hope we don’t have to find out. Just one more leg over and an all too familiar sound “Ow! Shoot!” She presents an impressive little scrape. “Well,” I say “you’re officially initiated.”  With that she turns her pout into battle scar pride.

We arrive fashionably late to the Celebrity pool party and position our towels in full view of the mansion which we call our “Country Club” but away from the annoying noise of flashing cameras and Directors yelling “Action” and “Cut!” A lot of (imaginary) pool scenes being filmed today.

Yes Elvis, more tanning lotion please. He’s sucking it in for his pool scene from Jailhouse Rock. Paul Newman taking a dive for the movie Sweet Bird of Youth. His technique is perfect. Esther must have given him pointers. She’s a leading lady and pin up girl that’s a real champion with a champion figure. Not like the teeny-tiny gals that are usually cast as the ingenue. Bet she eats her Wheaties and has seconds! She and Fernando are the perfect couple. And of course, there’s Kate Hepburn and Cary Grant filming their pool scene for The Philadelphia Story. I continue narrating to an audience who is clearly in her own little world. She comes to life every 5 minutes as she turns herself over. Even tanning.    

Well, our slushees are probably ready by now and the cement ground is not as comfy as the sandy beach. Time to say our goodbyes. They hate to see us go. Especially Aunt T. She is waving us over to the Bewitchin’ pool. It’s so inviting. A nice place to visit but I wouldn’t wanna live there. Or would I?  The last Twilight episode was filmed right here I explain as Robin politely ignores me. Robin thinks I’m nuts for knowing so much backlot history. But, I gotta keep up with Donnie & Jimmy.

Back at the apartment, I administer Bactine and a band-aid. “Remember, mum’s the word to your mum about how you got that one.” With a mouthful of slushee she picks up as though we haven’t missed a beat.  “Truth or Dare?”…

Here’s a shot of the pool from That’s Entertainment during the same timeframe I visited. This set was built in 1935 It is featured in : Bathing Beauty with Esther Williams, Jailhouse Rock, Sweet Bird of Youth, and The Twilight Zone to name a few. All filmed right here in this very spot across the street from me in MGM Lot 2. I love this set the most in all the backlot. I feel a special connection with Esther Williams. I am a swimmer too. Donnie and I used to skateboard at the bottom of this pool.

My private pool and mansion are shown here in Bewitchin’ Pool

Written and lived by Maureen Miller…

My Dog’s House – MGM Lot 2

Come on in…

You could easily hear movies being made, and the wildest ones filmed on this end of the backlot…by my house. Combat blasted me out of my crib and I hit the ground running -at a very young age. I heard every lot 2 episode, every shot fired…ever. The war lasted TEN years, ratings were good. No one did war TV, and movies for that matter, like MGM in the 60’s. The gold bar standard to this day.

The Rat Patrol picked up where Combat left off, followed by Garrison’s Gorillas. Gunfire was the normal around here. In the seventies, chants of natives yelling “Kong Kong” could be heard. And yes, more gunfire. Even more spectacular, was to see these torched lit walls from outside the fences. This film was quite the operation. Of all the thousands of sets I’ve been on, Kong was the most special of all.

But wait… there’s more, Sgt Pepper followed and sweet rock tunes flowed through my window screens. Is that Billy Preston? yeah- thats him!

Earth, Wind & Fire- yep, that’s them.

Peter Frampton, Bee Gees…it’s like I’m backstage at my own home.

Heavy metal describes music, not machine guns, in the seventies….Finally, No More Vietnam War!

Protest music, such as Ten Years After “I’d Love to Change the World” was replaced by Disco. Alvin Lee and Peter Frampton were friends and their music is sensational. T.Y.A. stole Woodstock…

The bands behind the two biggest selling albums of all time are spending the summer on lot 2. Chips, the TV series, begins in this same year and films 3 episodes on my street. Officers Baker and Ponch have sped down this street several times, including the orangutan episode.

The house my dad is crouched with that dog later became our second home. We rented it out to a couple who both worked at MGM on Chips and we had MGM vehicles parked up and down the street, like my home is part of the studio. It was very cool.

I was on set for Hero at Large for the final ever grand explosion on the backlot, when I got home my mom said,” Donnie – did your hear that explosion- it shook the whole house?”

“I was there mom, it was at MGM, it’s a John Ritter movie…the guy in Three’s Company”

Lets just say this house has seen a lot of this studio’s history.

In the picture of my dad with that dog, there is a lot to talk about. Off in the distance are tall eucalyptus trees. To be precise, that’s where Esther Williams pool is located and the site of the fallen tree that created A Hole in The Fence. Yes the same hole my soon to come book is titled after.

You would see Kong’s walls in 1976. In 1976/77 I saw helicopters fly in on one set and hot air balloons exit the other. With Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees inside. Needless to say, this backlot was far from dead and I owned it. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. This lot could never have been busier!

The backlot was the sight of the hit video- Staying Alive, by the Bee Gees.

The top song, on the top lot, sung by the top band in record sales. A seventies Fred Astaire Band Wagon, but with hippies.

Wait, there’s more…As we pull back from lot 2 past my dad’s- 57 Chevy, he has a dog clutched. My father’s name is Don, but the dog is the star. The four legged one is in a TV series, so take a close look at the dog. It’s a star in a series in this 1961 photo. You’re an expert if you can I.D. this dog to its series. I met another K-9 star at that same driveway. Frank Inn stopped by from LAX airport on a trip back from Paris, France. Glen, his assistant called me over to meet Frank and Benji.

This dog is the biggest thing in Hollywood!

It just got off a jet, not just any jet, a Concord SST. Frank jubilantly praised his curly, quick to lick prize, “This little fella just got us a ride back into the USA in that off-set nose cone cockpit of a plane that creates sonic booms.” “The plane ride from New York to L.A. took more time than Paris to NY.” So, the first jet setter I ever met was a dog named Benji. No ego whatsoever…imagine his little face with a scarf and goggles, looking out the window of a rocket ship.

This overall kaleidoscope of time through Donnie’s eyes gives you an idea of all the stories and stuff I have from these films.

Jimmy’s house is 4 houses up the street from mine circled. As we pan right toward the studio, the driveway that sits behind my house on the next street over is George Barner’s house, the MGM guard hired as the bounty hunter to keep me out of the studio. He lived so close I could throw stuff at him. Maureen’s apartment is not built yet in this photo. Her view was unmatched and it looked right inside the train station. One direction- she’s in her laundry room, the other, she’s in the MGM snow room.
My pop hanging out with a dog in a TV series, Lassie…picture taken 1961. MGM is in the distance, my house is directly across the street. This is exactly the spot I met Benji, the jet-setting terrier, with Frank Inn, his trainer, later in the seventies.
Jet setting mega-star…”I can fly an S.S.T” !….
“Clear for take-off Benji”

Benji was the box office Lassie of the 70’s….

Me and my vagabond mutt Pebbles, across the street, on my front porch. Well, my dog had to sneak around to see Hollywood! Yep, she’s been in a cockpit too. A plane used in the Twilight Zone. She got dirty, like me. We had nothing but fun…
She snuck in MGM with me one Saturday and I had to leave her in Esther Williams’ pool, which was empty of water. I wanted to go up in Boystown and she would not be able to do the climb. I heard her barks from my fort, so I had to go back, afraid a guard would find her in the bottom of the pool…my first dog that trespassed with me. I have that story in depth, coming soon!
A view from my avocado tree of MGM off in the distance. Dead center, a white steeple can be seen-it’s from the church on Maple Street. The Vets tower can be seen to the right of the steeple.
The MGM sign advertises Telefon, a Charles Bronson movie. To the right of the water tower, you can see an edge of the Kong Walls.
The sky burned orange for these Kong scenes, which could be seen and heard beyond the old green fences…Director John Guillermin could be heard commanding his troops on his megaphone, when not smoking his briar pipe.
This train depot was the closest set to my house…
The Band Wagon
The Bee Gees lip syncing- Stayin Alive!
He’s over there!

Get Back to where you once belonged!…Billy Preston was lifted by a crane for this scene, he had on a wire harness under that jacket. You could hear the song in my bedroom, so that’s all the invitation we needed. I’m hiding in the bushes for this shot.

The Lonely Hearts Club Band, doing close-ups in a hot-air balloon basket, suspended by a crane. Frampton and his blonde hair is surrounded by the Bee Gees. Welcome to film… boys. A hot-air balloon with huge red hearts on it would finish off this scene while fireworks went off…I have lots of cool pictures when I share my summer in 1977 on this Blockbuster…
The Phantom Cycle episode…Chips. On the gray column to the right of the tire is my strike zone, yes, we played strike out in the park set. The home run wall was like Fenway Park. A four story building across the way was the target. Chips crew played with us when they saw us hitting balls.. They were nice enough to fork lift cars out of the way so we could all play. Home run balls over the roof landed on Filby’s department store’s sidewalk, famous from the Time Machine.
Strike one- me pitching!
I dig Phantoms!
Fun and games…Chips TV…pardon my knees, I wanted a ground level shot.
My dog Tashka, would replace Pebbles as life carried on on this old backlot! Here, she can be seen exiting a car fresh off the TV series Chips.

This blue tractor-trailer is part of the transportation on Chips. Blue was the fleet colors. On the passenger door you see where the lion logo and MGM are blacked out. We didn’t want MGM on vehicles that are involved in crashes.

This picture is a typical day on this show. Paul Knuckles was the stunt coordinator and no TV series ever had more car crashes. At the end of a day of filming, a car carrier would show up on the backlot to dump off the cars they crashed that afternoon. This was standard procedure. Lot 2 became a pick-a-part for crashed picture cars. We couldn’t wait to climb in these modified wrecks. Roll bars are usually added inside for safety of the stunt driver. As little gas as possible is used in these cars, just enough to do the scene. This was on going until the backlot was torn down.

My street- episode -MUTE

More Chips cars...
John Ritter- before the building blows up

All this adventure awaited me and my dogs, right outside my backdoor…

Today with Lot 2 gone…
Before the Vets Park Tower existed…

Written and lived by Donnie Norden…such fun!