Batman and the Green Hornet…

Desilu studios is a short bike ride away from Lot 2. It is located on a street named after movie pioneer, Thomas Ince. This forty acre backlot is separate from its main lot offices and stages. The detached backlot has few people, but corner after corner of historic streets and villages.

Desilu is different than all the MGM lots. We can look down on it from a hill side above. The same hills also look over MGM Lot 3 and provide a bird’s eye view of… everything. As we observe film production going on, like a giant ant farm below, the idea of sneaking in is being planted… we are doing our homework from high above.

This is sensational. We are learning this lot extremely well, without ever stepping foot in any of them… YET!

Desilu, like Lot 2, will have to be explored, one house… one village… at a time. We can’t wait for the excitement of setting foot on private property.

We already know that Batman is filmed here. We’ve seen them shooting from above… both Batman and Bat-Woman. She has a nice Purple motorcycle…


I flash back to that moment when I was the caped crusader, myself, on my Stingray, racing around with my mask… cape blowing behind me. In my mind, my Stingray had mag wheels and wings.


The Green Hornet also filmed here. The show’s star, legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee, lived right behind this studio, in Culver City.

Batman and the Green Hornet drive the best cars on TV, by the way…

Below: clips of the Green Hornet sedan… 




Below: Bruce Lee, in a fight scene on the Desilu main lot, just below the iconic water tower… (Bruce could walk home from here).


Below: Bruce’s two-story apartment sits right behind these studio bungalows


I continue to live my lunchboxes… don’t change that channel! Same Bat Time, same Bat Place.

Written and lived by Donnie Norden…
Edited by DQ