The Morning After

Jimmy, my best friend, lives just a few houses up from me. As time goes on, Jimmy will be my side kick on these expeditions primarily. We barely slept last night and could not wait to get up and see if the hole in the fence is still exists. Or, was this just a dream?

We leave much earlier today and plan to spend the entire Sunday inside the backlot. That depends if there is still a tree crashed through a fence. Bingo, it is just how we left it, and still undiscovered or fixed anyway. While walking hurriedly to lot 2, we planned our first move.

We arrive and climb in over the tree and hide to observe who and what is taking place here today. The lot is silent and empty as far as the eye can see. No activity. It’s like we own it. We see a bombed out village we know is from Combat. Blown up trucks lie in the outskirts, off to the side of the cobblestone rode. A church sits a top the hill in the little French looking village.

We decide today this village gets conquered!

As we run across an open field we immediately duck for cover under an arch that greets visitors at this village entrance. As we catch our breath, we look and stare, as time stands still, but it’s ravishings stare back.

Above us, a sign says: AutoBahn 2.5 km. We have arrived at the place that we have herd battles fought for years. Battles herd, but barely seen, except on ABC TV.

Its silent, windy, and desolate. Bullet holes are everywhere. We think a million thoughts as we slowly turn our heads from side to side. Craters from explosions may become are hiding places. Our minds are flashing back to all the Combat episodes we recognize this village from.

All this exists just a sling shot distance away from my home. The world has become much smaller place.

Now Combat will forever live in my soul forever, there is no place on earth I would rather be…


All stories written by Donnie Norden
Edited by DQ

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