MGM Trespassers…unfiltered!

Due to the large amount of interest in this recently published list, I am resubmitting it for your approval… the document in it’s entirety.

Addresses, phone numbers, and of course… who nailed ya!

 We all should’ve run faster…

Below: 1931 MGM logo






Notice Jerry Sullivan on the bottom section. He was a regular trespasser, going all the way back to our St. Augustine school years.

The footnote states: four people caught – all gave his name. (Pardon me while I laugh! As if anyone would give their real name!)

The footnote continues: All have been on the lot several times. I would turn them over to CCPD (…is how B.C. delt with this capture.)

B.C. is Bob Coleman, alias Bronco Bob… the same guard who shot at another Catholic school boy friend named Pat Rich. He is the same guard who had me kicked off the Planet of the Apes set in previous blog… when I dressed up in Ape gear!


Written and lived and taken by…Donnie Norden


3 thoughts on “MGM Trespassers…unfiltered!”

  1. Hello Mr. Norden
    What a wonderful find! I’m looking forward to read your great stories.
    Thank you
    Dagmar R.

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