Inceville Studios

Sunset Boulevard meets the ocean on this stretch now…
The first west coast studio built by Thomas Ince. The Ince family home sits off in the distance atop a hillside, overlooking his motion picture factory. Triangle Ranch precedes the Triangle Studio. He would organize yet another Triangle in his future Culver City film production facilities.
King of the Hill…The Ince Home
Transportation and picture coaches are parked along the right edge in this photo.
Inceville today, one of my favorite places to meditate, Elvis Presley was a regular at this fellowship.
Established in 1950…

Life at the beach isn’t all it appears when viewed through the eyes and lens of one of the most legendary film producer, directors in motion picture history. Mr. Thomas Ince is a pioneer, at a level comparable to George Washington. His vision took him from New York to the west coast. The land he arrived at was truly known as Hollywoodland.

Mr. Ince set up shop at the beach, 25 miles as the crow flies from the sign above. Inceville Studios was born. In the memoirs written by Thomas Ince, he expressed dissatisfaction with this selection. Weather is not always that sunny on the ocean. Gray skies, fog, wind are as natural shall we say as Earth, Wind, and Fire. It goes with the turf.

Ince biography- The General of film making.

This beach backlot proved to create more difficulties than Mr. Ince expected. Sand, wind and gray skies were turning into unforeseen issues. As fate would have it, Mr. Ince, in a chance meeting with Harry Culver on a set involving the La Ballona creek, developed a kinship. Mr. Culver was instrumental in luring all these studios to Culver City with sweetheart deals.

Mr. Ince first would develop Triangle Pictures, in what turned into MGM. But rather than be one of three– he built his very own studio on what was to be named Ince Blvd.

In 1924, big things were going to change Hollywoodland forever…

I share this story for the foundation of events soon to take place and to this day- has not been fully documented. I have discovered, on a corner once controlled by Thomas Ince, a piece of history that precedes the Hollywood we know today. It’s a major puzzle piece, a missing link to events culminating in 1924.

This is a series of groundbreaking stories dating back to the early twenties I’m about to share, I feel very honored to do so…

Written and lived by Donnie Norden

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