You Drive

I’m 13- I’d love to”

So, I was on my way to work when”…

This kid came out of nowhere”Paper Boys A thing of the past!

I’m not sure what happened next”


Props needed- A bicycle, 4 newspapers, and a phone booth. Interesting culture shift, no longer do phone booths or paper boys still exist.

Same location today without the props…

The boy looks fine, I need to get to work!”

“I’m Late for work lady”Vet’s Tower top right corner.

Typical traffic on Braddock at rush hour…

Same intersection, less congestion.

The house is now yellow across the street…

Is that him, you gotta be sure?“…”I’m sure that’s the killer” says the witness…”He’s all mine!” says the motor officer.

I’m walking to work today honey, I doubt it will rain”

Here it is today-exactly the same. Every stone, every bush, the light, the rain gutter and the address placard.

I knocked on their door, but no one answered. They must know where they are living, as original as it gets!

Have a good day Ed!”

Where did Ed go?”

Arc lights reflecting off the car window and tail piece.

I would love to see the driver who has to be laying down.

Nothing has changed in six decades, the car might still be inside…

Same spot- way different today. The manhole lid is the constant. Sony added parking structures that blocked the stages and the Scenic Art Building on Le Bourget Ave.

The hills in the background is where MGM Lot 3 is located. Good old fashioned metal trash cans were how refuse was collected, and cool cars had paneling.

“Just get in! “

This car knows where the actual Police Station is located. It’s pulling up at C.C.P.D Headquarters located on Duquesne and Braddock.The vintage police sign is much cooler that what exists today.Nice squad car at curb.

Same location today-Notice the modern Police sign on light post.

Same spot-Sixty Years Later…

Hey-I’ve been inside there too!”

What a fun day this was…

I live close by here and grew up playing in this park. St Augustines, my old school, practiced football here.Dr Paul Carlson is its name and it’s located in between MGM and Desilu studios. Both studios used this park in various T.V series. Everything from Gomer Pyle, The Twilight Zone, to The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, and Chips, The Wonder Years, and The Goldbergs- used this park setting.

My favorite is You Drive. Every time I’m here my mind turns into a view master of memorable television. Being a kid, me and my bike have relived this scene more than once, it’s what kids do. This episode is the oldest of any series, narrowly preceding Gomer Pyle in 1964. This park has not changed, nor has the neighborhood for the most part. This episode is a wonderful time capsule that can still be retraced. The house that is the centerpiece is exact. It wouldn’t shock me if the car was in the garage.

From the looks of the gray sky and wet streets, this was filmed on a rainy day.Special Effects added their own for dramatic cause as the car picks up Ed off the streets to be turned in to authorities. This location is just outside MGM Studios and its Culver Blvd gate. This set is just a hop, skip, and jump away from The Twilight Zone stages at MGM. Back in the day, MGM had a West, East, and South Gate. Sony added a North Gate on Washington Blvd. When shows go “On Location”-they hate to travel very far.Especially television with its tight schedules tighter budgets.

This episode lives on for eternity and I would love to watch this again…in their garage!

Written and lived by…Donnie Norden


4 thoughts on “You Drive”

  1. I can’t thank you enough for preserving so much of your memories.
    You will surely remain in the hearts and dreams of all of those who love The Movies.


    1. You are so nice, thanks you for appreciating my unique vision on this industry and it’s impact. It manifested itself from a trespassing kid, to a man with a backstage pass to all things Universal.A wonderful place to hang your hat. Cheers Gordon

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