Who is in that convertible pulling up?…Chapter 16

Everyday, my first priority after arriving home from school is grab a friend and go hit a backlot. Desilu or MGM Lot 2, the hardest decision of my day is choosing between these lots. Lot 2 , due to it’s proximity, is on our radar…everyday.

Desilu, is a bicycle ride. Lot 2 is walking distance. MGM is at least a short visit for me almost everyday.  This fall late afternoon day, I find myself, by myself. Well, who needs friends, anyway. They will just slow me down!

I say this reassuringly, over and over, to myself. First, as I jump down from a top the train station fence, then next as I survey the backlot from the steeple in German village. There is a tremendous amount of activity over across the field at the colonial mansion.

Cables connecting to lighting equipment run along the dusty road sides beaming with people coming and going in shuttle vans. I have a great distant view of the goings on, but trees are blocking the actual area that is being set up for filming. I cannot make it out from here, as I repeat to myself, who needs friends, they’re always afraid …anyhow.

With that reinforcement, after getting a feel for how this set is functioning, I decide to get a lot closer. I will take a roundabout path that allows me to escape since it will involve me hiding in the shrubbery just inside the old green fence.

I make my way slowly, one bush at a time, on to the next,  cutting through a cemetery, hiding behind grave stones. There is a steady amount of vehicles driving back and forth on a close by dirt road. It seems like it has taken at least an half an hour but I have sucessfully positioned myself alongside and inside some thornbushes, with a view that allows me to see first, camera, then a director and finally a convertible that is rehearsing pulling up to the mansion.

This happens 3 times, each time very similiar. The car pulls in fast to a sudden preconcieved stopping spot, in camera, then  dialogue as the dust settles and two gentlemen step out, and walk towards the recently decorated mansion.

I recognize them quickly. One is an older gray man and the other is a sharp young guy in sun glasses. He is named Chad Everett. James Daly is the older guy.

As soon as I realized what I was watching it ended just as fast. Wrap… is called.

I backtrack out easily since the fence is close by. I run home to tell my sister I just saw her favorite actor from her favorite show.


Medical Center…cool, kinda fun doing this one all by myself.

All stories written and lived by Donnie Norden
Edited by DQ

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